Riding your bike should be one of most enjoyable events  in the world ... But ... Do you hesitate to ride for no apparent reason?

Sometimes it's a matter of comfort ... your back pulls ... your neck gets sore ... your knees ache ... your feet get numb. Any one of these issue is probably an indication of poor rider positioning on the bike that can be corrected by a proper Bike Fitting.

When you get your bike fit, I take the time for the individual attention required to properly set your bike to you ...  Bike set-up is unique to every individual to get the maximum enjoyment out of your ride ... paying close attention to Comfort & Efficiency, while reducing the risk of any pain or potential injuries

No two people have the exact set-up, even if the have the same body dimensions … there are subtle differences between peoples flexibility and bio mechanics. You can have 10 people with the exact same dimensions and have 10 distinctly different bike fits.
In the comfort and convenience of your own home, your specific bike fit needs will be addressed. I will bring all the needed tools and equipment, including a bike trainer.

  • Interview … questions about injury history, riding history and objectives.
  • Body measurements
  • Detailed analysis of the arms, torso, legs & feet.
  • Shoe set-up … cleat placement & alignment.
  • Foot Alignment on pedal.
  • Saddle height.
  • Saddle angle & horizontal position.
  • Knee, Foot, Cleat & Pedal alignment.
  • Analyze pedaling motion & cadence.
  • Examine & adjust rider position & angle on bars.
  • Review overall fit and fine-tune the set-up if needed.
  • Discuss equipment such as saddles, bars and pedals.

Every step in the fitting process is discussed with the client and modified according to their needs.
The end result … a bike that Fits You, so you can be efficient and comfortable.
I guarantee a significant improvement in comfort and efficiency … Or your Money Back!

Rick Fit for Road, Commuter or Triathlon bikes ...  $ 219  

Included is a Before and After purchase Fitting visits, plus bike purchase assistance
... recommending three bikes that would fit your requirements.

Rick Fit for the full new bike purchase ... $299
Rick Fit for initial assessment to determine appropriate bike geometry plus bike recommendations ... $199

If you purchase your bike from Rick's Bikes the full price of the fitting is put towards the purchase price of your bike ... check out the Bike Section

Are you planning to get a new road bike and you're totally confused? Do you need to know your dimensions (most bikes have different angles, top tube, seat tube, etc.) and recommendations.
If you are in the market for a new bike an initial Rick Fit will help determine the right size and style of bike you need. After the initial visit, I will recommend the correct size of bike in and appropriate model. I'll do a follow-up visit to position you correctly on the bike when your bike purchase is completed.