Look High Modulus Carbon bikes designed for performance, durability and comfort ... Solid components ...

Ricks Bikes Guarantees your complete satisfaction with any  Look Bike Purchase ... from the performance, perfect final fit and the ride characteristics.

I carry a wide range of parts for Road, Tri, Cross Country, Cyclocross & Commuter bikes ... Tires, Pedals, Wheels, Seats. Cranks, Cogs & Chains ... just about everything you would need for your bike.

Tacx Indoor Trainers ...
A new way to train indoors 

Get Free Basic Setup & Delivery for all Garmin Computers & Pedals

Shimano gear upgrades ... mechanical & Electronic Di2

Every New Bike includes a full Rick-Fit bike fitting at no charge

Years of Professional Experience in the Bike Industry ...

• Proficient Bicycle Fitting ... "One on One" Personal Service in the comfort of your own home

• Skillful Bike Maintenance ... free pick-up and delivery ... all clean and riding right!

• Bikes from Look are available ... Perfectly Fit to You.

• Components to upgrade or repair your bike ... from wheels to Custom Fit Shimano Shoes.

• Tacx Trainers Tacx 

• Garmin Computers

Bike fitting is much more than adjusting the saddle, checking alignment with a plumb-bob and adjusting the handlebars. So what is it? It's a 2 to 3 hour process where we discuss your riding style, pain and injury issues ... then take your personal body measurements and assess your flexibility. Your bike is then setup properly for YOU ... Comfortable & Efficient!

I guarantee a significant improvement in comfort and efficiency  or your Money Back!

Do you know who's servicing your bike?
How many Years (or is it months) of experience do they have? Make sure your Bike Mechanic is qualified to work on your bike ... you should be confident that your bike is safe and running well.

Free Pickup & Delivery for all Maintenance Work

Minimum Labor Charge is $129 per bike

Rick's Superior Tune starts from $149 ... plus parts and GST

We are now in a unsettled world with the fight against COVID-19. I hope there is minimal impact on you, your family and friends.

I have now Suspended all Bike Fitting Services because it's impossible to maintain a safe distance from clients.

Solo cycling is the perfect sport for "Social Distancing" and breaking the monotony of everyday life.
Therefore ... I will Continue Servicing Bikes for my clients.

Here are the steps I'm taking to eliminate social contact ...

    We arrange a date & time for pickup.
    You leave your bike in the garage, on the deck or by the door before I arrive.
    I pick up your bike wearing nitrile gloves and sanitize any surface I touch.
    I repair the bike with gloves and sanitize all potential contact points.
    I drop the bike off at a prearranged time and location.
    While wearing new gloves, I will sanitize the bike and areas I've contacted.
    An invoice will be sent via email or text.
    Payment can be made by e-Transfer or Visa, MC by phone.

I'm also offering Free Delivery on any bike products I carry over $100
 ... including Garmin, Tacx, Shimano, as well as other parts.

So ... Take care, stay healthy and ride your bike.


Rick Crawford
Rick's Bikes

Contact Me at 403-614-1807 or email at rick@ricksbikes.com